Facilities Manager

The City of Promise has an opportunity for a Building Superintendent. Candidates should first be a believer in Jesus Christ. The job description of a building superintendent includes assisting in the development of an overall maintenance plan for a building.

The general responsibilities of the building superintendent is to perform basic electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and heating and air conditioning work as well as some carpentry work. The Superintendent will report to the Executive Staff and work to ensure the facility has a maintenance plan designed to care
for the needs of the building.
• Responds to requests for repairs and keeps a journal of completed work.
• Keeps building grounds and common areas clean and in safe condition.
• Ensures that garbage and recycled items are placed for pick up
• Keeps entrances, walkways and stairways clear of ice, snow and debris.
• Maintains fresh paint on interior and exterior of the building.
• Maintains inspection logs for extinguishers & other building systems as required by state & federal law.
• Conducts regular preventative maintenance on items throughout the interior/exterior of the building.
• Performs regular inspections of all common areas.
• Responds to emergency calls.
• Coordinates with contractors or repair crews for work that is outsourced.
• Supervises/performs the work of unskilled laborers.
• Keeps adequate inventory.
• Wears the proper safety equipment in the appropriate situations including hard hats, eye/ear protection, safety shoes, gloves, face mask and respirator as needed.

Building Superintendent will assist in identifying other useful resources, establish standards for and oversee the evaluation the maintenance and care of the building As well as provide leadership and oversight for those involved in the process.

• Professed born again believer, full of the Holy Spirit; exemplified in daily living practices and relationships with others
• A mature, growing Christian leader with good moral character (1 Timothy 3, Titus 1).
• Possess and demonstrate intimate knowledge of the Holy Bible
• Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• Must have strong problem solving skills.
• Has the ability to perform basic repairs in electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems.
• Must have good communication and interpersonal skills.
• Must have superior customer service skills.
• Has good listening and negotiating skills.
• Must be detail oriented and have good scheduling skills.
• Must be proficient at safely using tools associated with the job.
• Has knowledge of building codes and safety standards as set forth by the state and federal government.
• Must have a valid driver’s license.
• Must be able to lift heavy items.
• Must be able to maneuver in small spaces.
• Must be able to kneel and crouch or climb tall ladders.
• A self motivated team player with a strong work ethic.
• Must pass state and federal background check.

Application Submission Requirements Must Include:

*Everyone being considered for this position must adhere to a background investigation inclusive of educational and criminal history.

Person/Persons must submit application with resume for job consideration. Application/resume must be completed and submitted via email at copcincy@gmail.com.  No applications or resumes will be accepted via fax or mail.